Wednesday, 9 May 2012

50 Games to Play Before You Die

Every once in a while a game will come along that I will always remember as it leaves a very strong impression on me, out of my whole library of video games (which is a lot) I have chosen just fifty that to me are the greatest games made so far that must be played by gamers everywhere.

1. 42 All Time Classics

This was one of the first games I had when I got a DS, what I love about this game is how many hours the individual can spend just playing ... well a collection of 42 games, that range from card games, to board games that rely on luck, board games that rely on strategy, bar games and ever single player games such as solitaire. 

The collection of games in 42 All Time Classics are also well know and relatively straightforward games everybody has played before, or they have at least heard of it. 

For certain games players can add more computer opponents or take them away, so a simple game of Ludo can have 2-4 players and it is your own choice how many opponents you want to be up against.

The top screen also adds more depth to each game.
2. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing involves you either being a boy or girl moving into a new town, although you are human the towns occupants are all animals designed to look as cute as possible

The aim of his game is ... well there is none really, you can do whatever you want: fish, dig, send mail, buy furniture, buy clothes, design clothes, do gardening, talk to neighbours and so much more. 

The combination of an open world game with endless possibilities make this game amazing and I spend alot of my time aimlessly playing it with no real goal or aim in mind.

This game also has a hook that will make you want to keep coming back, if you do not talk to the villagers for a long time they will assume you no longer like them, so they move town and you will not see them, sure enough they will come back as the number of characters in the game is limited so its only a matter of time before the game has used every new character and old characters return to the town again but it can still make a player depressed if their favourite character in the game moves out and a little piece of you dies inside only to be filled with joy when that character returns.

Lobo - My favourite occupant.
3. Ape Escape

Ape Escape is one of my childhood games that has always stayed in my mind, I will admit it is a tad bit childish but it is these vibes that contribute to the game's brilliance. This was one of the first games to use the analogue stick and it worked wonders. 

In the game you play a human trying their best to catch all the monkeys that escaped, you'll have lots of weapons and gadgets to help you but the net is the one players will use more than the others as it is the only way to catch the monkeys.

The progression of the game is simple, find a specific amount of monkeys per level,  find monkey, catch monkey, repeat until the required amount is caught, next level, although this may seem to be a very tedious task that will get boring I assure you it will not as the platforming genre really fits well in this hide and seek style of game.

Unlike Pokemon' they can take the net and use it against you.
4. Bayonetta

Despite its cliche and dodgy plot Bayonetta is amazing for its game play and visual value.

What makes this game better than its brother Devil May Cry is the fighting, for example doing specific combos will take your hair, form it into a fist and give one massive punch to your enemies, the enemies which are angels also make this game superb as it is not your every day image of an angel, in fact it looks more demonic and evil than anything holy and pure.

Another feature that is awesome is the witch time feature, when an enemy goes to attack you, you can back flip or front filp to avoid them, but if you do this right before you get hit then witch time is activated, this is when time slows down for about 5 seconds giving you plenty of time to beat the living daylight into them, it is so slow that the enemies almost stay motionless, which is very useful for when its a boss fight as the bosses are like mountains compared to your size in Bayonetta.

It is also the settings that will amaze you, you'll start off in an Italian - renaissance styled religious city, but then move onto ruins, airships, heaven (which is also like ruins but with a dark vibe) and finally space it is these strange settings that also make it seem awesomely cool.

Katana's and even a lightsaber becomes available weapons. Nice.

5. BioShock 2 

Let's face it when playing as Bid Daddy it kinda rocks,this game is one of those games that is highly different from mainstream games, Bioshock takes place in the fictional metropolis Rapture located at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, this game is brilliant for it's excellent use of scenery as the place does seem highly realistic, furthermore the emotional diadems the game gives you are really well thought of, as the notion of killing somebody by choice will cause an internal argument one wanting to kill the person while the other wants to let them live. It's hard to describe what makes BioShock so good but if you watch a video of it I'm sure you'll be captivated by it.

Kill her or change her back to normal?

6. Clock Tower

When talking about Clock Tower, I am mainly talking about the third game. 

Clock Tower 3 involves a young girl sent away from home and told to hide until her 15th birthday has gone and past, confused she runs home and that's when it starts, entities know as subordinates are killers from a point in history who are waiting for you to step into their time line, once there they will chase you in an attempt to kill you. 

When being chased by them you will be terrified as you'll panic if they're too close to you which is practically when they are on the screen, but also if you run too far and they are off screen but still being chased it's worse as you have no idea where they will pop up and images will form in your head of them appearing in front of you. 

Since you have no weapons you can only hide from them and hope they don't see you or know where you are. 

The chase sequences in this game really get the adrenaline going as it introduces a panic bar, this bar will go up if the killer gets to close, tries to hit you, or something pops out of nowhere. If the panic bar fills up Alyssa will go into a panic, falling down sometimes, and even stopping refusing to go where you tell her, of course this bar does go down in time but her panic bar also represents your adrenaline as the bar is almost in sync with your fear, if the bar fills up a bit you too will be a bit more scared, it is this idea of panic and hiding that makes me adore this game.

Who wouldn't want that guy to stay away from them.
 7. Columns

I had this game for the Sega and I have to say as far as simple arcade puzzle games go such as Tetris and Bejewelled this is my all time favourite

In this game a shape will slowly fall to the bottom of the screen, the shape that falls is portrait and consists of three colours, pressing the button will change the order of the colours, it is your job to get three in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally and basically keep going for as long as you can.

Like Tetris the shapes will fall faster and faster but this game also made it even more harder by adding in a few more colours at later levels much like Bejewelled. 

A simple but highly addictive game formula.
8. Crash Bandicoot 

To me there only ever was five Crash Bandicoot games and they were Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3, Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash, out of all of these I'll only talk about my favourite one.

Crash Bandicoot 2: The Wrath of Cortex is my personal favourite Crash Bandicoot game, what I cherished about this game was a few things, I loved the themes of the levels better than the other games, the themes being ruins, snow, space, sewers and so on, also the music in this game was better than the other games too as they're very catchy songs and highly creative.

The whole layout of the hub room is also my favourite as the one from Crash 3 was used in a few other games and made it too repetitive, as for the first one, it was good but something about it  made me think "Nah, the layout in the second game is better". 

The goals for getting some of the gems was also very creative as one of them involved not breaking a single box in the level, its these sort of Easter eggs and hidden areas such as a level being hidden by a walk through wall that made me love this specific game more than the others, and it is these reasons that the original Crash Bandicoot games must be played.

Who didn't love this level?
 9. Dark Cloud

Dark Cloud took the dungeon formula but added in new features that made this game stand out, for example how many games involved you finding buildings, people, environment and decorative that were in little pods, only to take them back to the wasteland that the village once stood on before it was destroyed by the dark genie and rebuild it, choosing where you want everything to be? Not many games I can tell you that.

What I also love about this is the progression, its pretty simple, on the floor you're on one monster has the key to the next floor but it is held be a random monster, so the only way to get it is to fight each monster you come across but be carefully as each time you use your weapon and hit an enemy the weapon will start to break, again simple, buy magic powder, use sword, when nearly broke use powder, sword restored, repeat. However if you do not use powder and the weapon breaks then it is gone forever (unless it is the first weapon you got in the game) and you will no longer have it.

Just imagine the amount of powder needed for a boss fight.
10. Day of The Tentacle

Although the title will make people think of some strange and rather taboo porn it was a puzzle game for the PC, this game involved you trying to stop one tentacle with hands and legs from taking over the world, the character you played had the ability to time travel however it was specifically 500 years into the past and the same amount but into the future. This time travel was essential as it held the key to solving the puzzles in the present day. 

Not much more to say about this game but it is the style, game play and how unique it is that make it a truly remarkable game.

Ahhh. The stereotype of a geek.
11. Dead Rising

The Dead Rising series takes the zombie outbreak scenario to a comedy level as the creative game allows players to attack zombies in a variety of different ways. From a realistic way of guns and blades, to the humorous methods such as plates, CD cases, stuffed animals and so on. It is the vast majority of weapons and the three ways to use most weapons (light attack, strong attack, throw) that make battling the horde of the undead that much more enjoyable.

As for the story and side story's they vary so they aren't repetitive which means players do not get bored of it. 

Sure this game is a must play simply for it's comical value on it's own but the missions give it a bigger boost.

So many zombies, so many different deaths.
12. Devil's Dice

Devil's Dice is a hidden gem it is a simple puzzle game, I will only explain puzzle mode in depth to you as it it the rules, game play and idea that makes it incredible. 

You play a small devil and have 100 main puzzles, after that it increases to 1,000 but 100 is the game completion mark, you start each puzzle either on top of a dice or on the ground around the dice, your job is to get rid of the dice but are limited with the number of times a dice can be moved, go over the limit and you die and have to try again.

So if the puzzle had two dice then both of them must be adjacent to one another with the both of them showing number two face up, if it was a puzzle with three dice then they must all be touching at least one dice and all of them must show three facing up. 

While this may seem very simple I can assure you it is not as the first couple are easy but will very quickly become very difficult.

The other two modes are multilayer and survival, in multilayer it is set on a huge board with lots of dice, your job is to rid the board of as many dice as you can, of course the dice will keep appearing so the board is always full but not too full that players cannot move their dice around, the player at the end of the time who has scored the most points win.

Survival is similar but with a few differences, you are the only player, there is no timer, the board doesn't stop filling up with new dice, so the game over is basically when every space on the board is filled and no dice can be moved.

If the one he's on moves up then they all show 3 face up.
13. Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X is the only Final Fantasy game that I have played fully and I loved it, the story of it was amazing and I loved the fact that god itself was the boss which just made it so epic.

I loved how the majority of the game was just travelling from point A to B as it allowed me to look at the amount of work Square Enix put into their games environments, and with the occasional break by adding in the puzzles it made the game complete and very enjoyable.

Let's remember her as a summoner and not a singer.

14. Flower

Flower is a PSN game that has a very simple format, you play a petal and use the tilt function on the controller as movement, the petal is used to make other flowers bloom, make certain ones bloom and you move on to the next area, where in the end of the level you plant into the ground and become another flower.

The detail in this game is extraordinary as the effects of the wind is clearly seen as it manipulates each individual blade of grass, and the vast majority of the grasslands give the game a content and peaceful feeling that stirs inside the gamer. 

The movement mechanics are so smooth that it almost becomes a natural instinct.

In a way this game is a work of art.
15. Grandia

Grandia is a game not many are familiar with, personally this is better than any Final Fantasy game. 

To start with you are a boy filled with the desire to adventure but this becomes a reality as he leaves home in order to go to the mythical city Angelo. We follow him as he travels to the other end of the world a place people have never dared go, to finally getting to Angelo, to realising that he must destroy Gaia a monster born and thrives off greed.

The games fighting mechanics is one of the best I've ever played. There is a little bar at the bottom with all the characters and enemies on it placed randomly at different points, there is also two lines one near the end and on at the end. When a character gets to the first line they will input their attack and who to attack, this can be strategized as we are told what each enemies attack is, who it affects and we can guess when it will attack by judging how long it will take to get to the attack line. When any character gets to the second line they will attack and go back to the start of the bar again to repeat the process. When a character attacks an enemy or and enemy attacks a player, one or two things will happen, if it is a regular attack then the icon on the bar will freeze temporarily, however if it was a critical hit then not only will they freeze but sent back to the start of the bar again. 

This is excellent as it has allowed me to go into battle attack all the enemies numerous times before they attack me once as I strategized which one to attack and it allowed me to attack them again and again. 

I prefer this to the other RPG fighting styles where you attack then they attack. This bar method is much more awesome and fair.

This game is also longer than FFVII
16. Gunstar Heroes

An old school arcade Sega shooting game, Gunstar Heroes has something about it so amazing that I can't quite put my finger on it, in all the years I've played it I have only completed it once, all the other times I never got close, I guess I love the different weapons really as they all have a different effect and each player will find one gun they prefer and find it easy to use.

The reason why I've only completed it once, well play a boss fight and find out why (presuming you can make it to one).

A small amount of enemies onscreen for this game.
17. Heavy Rain

Not alot of games come out that have an emotional impact (unless you count awesomeness) but Heavy Rain is a very dark and depressing game but excellent none the less.

You'll find yourself playing various characters all trying to figure out who the Origami Killer is, this killer kidnaps children and then they die a few days later due to rain water.

The style of game play is very unique as you'll press the analogue stick, hold down buttons, rapidly push buttons and so on to complete simple tasks such as opening a door, picking up a phone and so on.

The music will also drive your emotions.
18. Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Dusk is a DS puzzle game, in short what makes this game amazing is two things, one the story and two its game play.

The story focus is about the character Kyle Hyde looking for his cop partner who he shot, his lead is at the Hotel Dusk but the story does drift and the side stories are also amazing as we realise that everyone staying in the hotel is all connected somehow, either to each other, a memory, Kyle, his partner and so on, it's these twist of events that make reading all the text worth it.

As for the game play I love the two screens one representing a simple map with a top down view, the other a detailed first person view.

You'll find yourself walking around in the hallways and other rooms collecting items used to solve a puzzle that is preventing the game's time from moving forward.

With a slider to change points of view makes the hunt for items harder.
19. Katamari

This is one of those games that make you wonder who came up with such an idea. 

In Katamari you roll around a little ball and pick up objects that are smaller than the ball in order to make it bigger so you could start off picking up small items like coins, then go to bottles, TVs, trees, buildings well you get the point

For some reason it is this idea and game play that makes the game so much more addictive.

I feel sorry for the people in those houses.
 20. Kingdom Hearts

It has to be the story of Kingdom Hearts that does it for me, you play a boy who has been chosen and wields a weapon known as a keyblade, this weapon is used against heartless, monsters that resemble shadow like creatures, although that is it at it's basic I will not say anymore as it would ruin the experience for those yet to play it. 

What really makes me appreciate this game however is how well it managed to incorporate Disney into it and bring several Disney characters together in a way that makes me fell like a little kid again watching a Disney movie for the first time.

Making another spin-off will make me die Sora.
21. Klonoa

Klonoa: Door To Phantomile was the story of a cat like boy on his quest to stop a villain named Ghadius from filling the world with nightmares, it is a battle between dreams and nightmares to put it simple. 

It is a 2.5D platformer game but it is one of the best out there really, it is amazing as each level has been carefully thought out and planned so the next level does not have the same obstacles in it.

With it's fresh and quirky music Klonoa is one of those games you'd have to play to appreciate it as no words can justify it.

The contrast from bright and happy levels to dark is sudden.
22. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Being the only Legend of Zelda game I have played I gotta' admit it I loved this game. 

The reason I think this should be on the list is for the use of the touch screen, especially the boomerang as drawing the path of where its to go has never been so fun (or time waisting), however I also loved the idea of the time you had in the dungeons going down when you are not in a safe spot.

Although this is not the most famous Zelda game its the only one I have played therefore I cannot put Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask on this list.

It holds the record for the most irritating side character.
23. Lemmings

For those of you who did not have a gaming life in the 90's (or are too young). Lemmings involved little people who would walk a set path that would eventually lead to death. It was your job to give a Lemming a tool to help it create a safe path and lead them to the doors and not to perform mass suicide.

What made this game so fun and entertaining was the simplicity of it and how easy it was to play, with intriguing puzzles that challenged you and required a fast mind Lemmings is one of those games you gotta' play.

If our friend jumpped off a cliff we'd surely follow.

24. Little Big Planet

This game is sheer brilliant for two reasons, one - Stephen Fry, and two - you can create levels beyond your wildest imagination.

Yes it's true this game is amazing because each level you play in story mode is an example of what can be made by yourself this is almost the sole reason as to why this game needs to be played as it will show you how creative you really can be.

Also for this little guy.
25. Mario Party

The Mario Party series takes a different form of game (board game) and combines it with another form (video games).

It's a simple formula really - roll the dice, move, other player, then a battle, these battles will award players in coins, which is then used to buy the star which you have to race to the space to get, it's these stars that rank the player in terms of whose winning and so on. 

Its the combination of a board game being put into the video game dimension, and adding video game features to it that make it so unique and terrific as well as having the battles so creative, unique and well thought out that it makes them a main reason why these games are terrific.

Party's this way guys !!!
26. Mirror's Edge

While its true Mirror's Edge is terribly frustrating when it comes to jumping off a ledge and grabbing a pipe, it doesn't mean that no one should play it, the simple colours and textures make this game visually impressive as its built on a foundation consisting majority of White's and blue's with red's guiding the way forward.

Its the idea of running around on rooftops and being a runner gives us an adrenaline rush, whether its running from law enforcers, jumping over gaps or even running around and making the occasional leap of faith is what makes this game so good.

Real life you wouldn't do this but in a game you wouldn't think twice.

27. Picross DS

A simple puzzle game but it does confuse alot of people, in this game you are presented with a grid, beside the squares you fill in are numbers, these numbers represent which squares can be filled in, but it ain't that easy. 

For example - take a 10x10 grid, one row has the number seven that means that seven squares in a row out of ten will be filled in, to work this out you start from the left and count seven boxes, then do the same from the right, you'll notice that some of them appear no matter what side you start from which is the middle four boxes, fill them in and move on.

Worked it out yet?

28. Plants Vs. Zombies

Sure the tower defence game has been made many times before, but Plants Vs. Zombies is the most successful, I love how well thought out it is, how each plant has a completely different attack and each zombie has a different form of attack too.

Also the layout is unique, tower defence games before Plants Vs. Zombies had a path set out and you put the defences beside but not on the path. However this game changed that and introduced a grid where plants would be placed in front of the zombies creating a barricade.

Fact - If a zombie outbreak did happen florists are most likely to survive

29. Portal

What is brilliant about this game is the simplicity of it, it's a complex game but with only the essentials in it so the features that are present in the game will always be used.

Of course the simplicity is not the only reason why you have to play it, the Easter eggs too are amazing (if you find them, without the Internet) but the fact you shoot portals to achieve the goal is simple outstanding, this is one of those games that you will play if you are a real gamer, no one can be classed as a gamer if they haven't played Portal.

Also GLaDOS is the greatest antagonist I've ever come across with help of the brilliant writing in the game she's even replaced Bowser from the number one spot of all time villains in video games, and she deserves it.

"This game is brilliant. Don't think about it. Don't think about it."
30. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

With an awesome platforming thing going on, it's hook that makes it really something is the fact you can rewind time, say you die or are about to die you could easily rewind time to prevent it and try it again.

It's this rewind feature that makes it a must have for playing it. Simples. 

I loved that death, wish I could kill him again, oh wait I totally can.
31. Project Zero

Also known as Fatal Frame in America I speak for all four games when I say you have to play each of them. In each game you play a character in a spirit infested place, you then find the Camera Obscura, a camera capable of killing the ghosts, use this camera to exorcise the ghosts along your journey as you try to understand how so many spirits got there and which one is to blame.

This game has the title of being the scariest game ever made and it has earned it's title as each game gets more scarier than it's predecessor.

Sae has to be one of the most terrifying characters ever made.
32. Rhythm Paradise

Also known as Rhythm Heaven this DS game is highly enjoyable for all music game lovers, especially if you have good rhythm. The game consist of lots of little games each one consisting of music, sense of rhythm and a strange mission whether it'd be filling a robot full of fuel, imitating the person next to you and so forth.

As long as you know the controls for each game then you can play and win each game without even looking at the screen as you let your ears tell you when to tap the screen as you lose yourself in the music.

aw, Aw, AW
33. Shinobi

No not the Sega ones but the PS2 version, this game is a must simply for its game play value, while its hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes playing this game amazing. 

The environments also make it better as a spectrum ranging from, forests, city, villages, shopping malls, water filled streets and traditional Japanese interior castles all help make the game that much more enjoyable, the ability to speed dash and stay on a wall makes this game what it is in a sense.

Even running around just to watch the scarf move about is entertaining.

34. Silent Hill 2

I love silent hill (even though 1-3 to me are the only ones) but 2 is the best. The story for it is sheer brilliant as it shows you how powerful the human mind really is, and it is this story mainly that is the reason why you have to play it, sure the game play and stuff is good but the story is a masterpiece.


In Silent Hill 2 you play as James Sunderland a man who lost his wife to a terminal illness, however he receives a letter from her saying she is in Silent Hill waiting in their special place (Lakeside Hotel) not alot of story happens until the end really when we find out that he murdered his wife and his personality changed as he forgot what happened, the letter he received turned out to be a blank bit of paper all along and the writing on the letter was just a vision in his head.

That isn't it each monster will represent something take Pyramid Head for example, I could write an essay on him and all that he represents (Literally). However what I will say is that in short Pyramid Head is James's dark side, it has been known to rape one of the monsters in a infamous scene, the monster it raped symbolised that of his dead wife, which hints at us that James may have raped Mary while she was bed ridden (this is why Pyramid Head should not have appeared in the film or any other games as he is James's own personal monster).

As for two particular characters Maria (the spitting image of Mary) and Laura (a girl who knows James but James does not know her) these two are very poetic, again I could write tons about these two however I will simplify it, neither character is real, Maria is a collection of the good points James had in mind for Mary, whereas Laura is all the flaws that James did not like about Mary.

While others argue that Maria is indeed real because the Xbox version had a chapter before James came to Silent Hill, it is false as she went to the park to wait for James, if she was real she would not do that, also Maria keeps getting killed by none other that Pyramid Head, an obvious reference and reminder that James killed Mary.


So it is this story that makes me adore it so much, but this little description is just the surface of a huge plain as even small details that go unnoticed in the game hold a significant meaning,

First sight of Pyramid Head, he's behind bars worked out what it represents?
35. Simpsons Hit & Run

Like Grand Theft Auto but more child friendly, this game needs to be played simply for its missions and references to older episodes in the game. 

The game is a very addictive piece of gaming as it has more than missions it has races and is an open world game so exploration is highly recommended.

A clear reference to Treehouse of Horror IV
36. Sims

If your reading this (you got this far, I'm impressed) and not played any Sims game then you have not truly lived yet, its obvious why you need to play it.

Build your dream house, decorate it, move sim in and control their life, with the Sims the possibilities are endless, no really they are.

She may have the clumsy trait, traits affect how your characters act.

37. Siren

Siren came from none other than those who made Silent Hill  (the original four Silent Hills). Siren involves zombies known as Shibito's these zombies run fast, speak demonically, and are smart as they can lock doors turn on TVs and cook. They also cannot die, that's right you can knock them out at best but they will get up again a few minutes later. 

These creatures not only look unsettling but act it too as you will witness them driving, doing their jobs, listening to radio or watching TV (despite it being static) to even sitting down to family dinner and talking, it is these everyday mundane tasks they do that make them all the more disturbing as it is as if they do not know they're dead.

Another thing about this game that is so good is Sightjacking, Sightjacking is an ability your character will have, this ability allows you to see through nearby Shibito's eyes, this is a very useful tool as you can learn where they are, the combination for a lock and so on, however while at first it is cool after a couple of minutes you will begin to get paranoid and freaked out by it and want it to stop watching.

Sightcrapping - Sighjacking and realising one can see you
38. Sonic

Although most Sonic games are now terrible (if it comes after Sonic Heroes and before Sonic Generations) Sonic is good for his speed -not the drug- at least he use to be before Sonic Heroes, if you play the original ones for the Sega you will see its charm as the platforming in it that once was moderate difficulty but is now amazingly hard will surely have you playing it for hours.

Did the pink water petrify anyone else in Chemical Plant Zone?
39. Spyro 3: Year of The Dragon 

While most say Spyro 1 is best or 2, I disagree and say 3 is the best for reasons such as this, the mood was better as it was bright and colourful for most levels whereas one had mainly dark colours that although would be good occasionally like the 3rd one did the first game simple had too much of it and was very depressing, and as for the second one you had to buy the ability to swim and climb ladders which sucked.

In Spyro 3 you are on the hunt to collect dragon eggs that have been taken away to another part of the world. Finding these eggs consumed alot of my childhood and will consume anyone for any given number of days, weeks or even months.

Also in this game we are introduced to new playable characters and this was also another new feature as to why it is better than it's predecessors, also a skating dragon ... need i say more?

One day I'll stop being cute and look bad ass and terrible.
40. Streets of Rage

In this Sega classic you chose one character and go to town on the criminals in the street -In a Nutshell-.

However everyone should try it at least once as the game play will be highly addictive, when you punch a character a retro punch sound effect will play, it is these sound effects that you wish they would add to some newer games as the specific sound effect gave us a depth of force that punch lead to.

Sure beating the characters senseless to death in the street is fun but it is also the ending to the first game that was so unique back in its time, there was two endings when up against the final boss he will give you a choice and let you join him or you could kill him, of course this does effect the ending, but also the multilayer version was also amazing, if you chosen one option and your friend chose another ,the boss would command you to fight to the death, this was brilliant as the friend right beside you who's played all the game along with you is now your enemy and will have no choice but to kill them or be killed (or do nothing and both die when the timer runs out).

You can either become a criminal and sit in the chair or take down the gang.

41. Super Mario 64

I simple love this game for it's miniature levels, the castle is the hub and the paintings are your levels, once in a level you will find yourself in a tiny little island, this island is all of the entire level and can be walked from one end to the other in a matter of seconds (if obstacles weren't in your way).

That's not all, its amazing how one minuscule level can have more than one mission in it, hidden areas and Easter eggs.

Welcome to the bizarre and wonderful world of Mario.

42. Super Mario Galaxy

To me this game is terribly addictive simply for its uniqueness, I love how you can go upside down on planets yet the camera won't move so Mario is upside down making movement difficult, I think everyone should play this game just to try out a platforming game at its best as each level is a wonder to the eyes with it's complex look yet simple and retro at the same time.

Stars sure have changed.
43. Super Monkey Ball

The whole roll the ball to the end of the level has been done by many but Super Monkey Ball is the best one out there. 

Take a little monkey put them in a ball and design levels ranging from simple to complex and have the player move the world in order to move the monkey.

Need I go on?

Can the game idea be any more simpler?
44. Super Smash Bros: Brawl

Since this is the only one in the series I have played I cannot speak about the other ones.

This game is brilliant as it takes fighting games such as Street Fighter, adds comical weapons to it, adds in more than one opponent, and also change the rules.

In Super Smash Bros: Brawl you chose a character and you'll be put in an arena and have to fight other characters, all characters start with a 0%, this number is how likely it is for the character to fall off the stage.

If they fall off the stage they lose a life, or you gain a point depending on what rules you chose. It's pretty simple, attack a player their percentage  increases, keep hitting them, eventually they will be blasted off the screen and lose a life, or you gain a point.

Trophies are another reason to play (no not achievements) when playing the game you will obtain coins, there are various other methods to get coins as well, you will then go to an arcade style of game and use the coins as ammo, wild trophies will appear and you shoot them with your coins, when shot enough times you will have that trophy and can display it in the game.

I think we all know who's more likely to fall.

45. Tetris

Who doesn't know Tetris, and who hasn't played it ... no gamer can call themselves a gamer until they play Tetris, to put it blunt in Tetris shapes fall to the bottom of the screen you must rotate them and make them all fit as best as you can, when a line has been made with no spaces in it, that line will disappear, although this may seem a bit tedious and boring it is far from it. 

Tetris must be played as it is one of the best selling games out there, and when you play it you'll know why.

The hours you can spend organising shapes.
46. Viva Pinata

Gardening has never been so much fun, you'll start off with a bit of horrible land, you will then grow grass which will attract your first pinatas, these are animal pinatas that have names that are a cross between the real name of the animal and a candy name, for example Sparrowmint, is a mix of Sparrow - the bird and Spearmint - as in the flavour of gum.

This game has often been compared to games such as Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing and the Sims, in sense of style and game play.

When your first animal appears it will attract a few other animals, but that will not attract them all, some animals may only come if you have specific conditions such as plant, water, trees and so on. 

You can also build them shelters and houses to live in, so it is this idea of placing flowers, lakes, houses and so on that make this game endless.

Pretztail has to be my favourite.
47. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves

Wario Ware involves levels filled with mini-games, allow me to explain, take level one for example, survive for a certain amount of mini-games to vs. the boss. In each mini-game players will have as much as just 4 seconds to complete the task, the description of the task will not be detailed as a few short words such as reflect will be all it tells you to do. Sometimes it is obvious as it involves hitting objects back, other times it will be hard to understand as it could involve you rotating a mirror to guide a laser to the mans hair to set it on fire. Yes that's right.

It is this idea of a game that makes it fun, the whole point of you having just 4 seconds to do a task makes it even more enjoyable if you have a group of friends.

It's like entering the unknown with this game.

48. Wii Sports

Wii sports is the first wii game really, you will never forget when you first play a game like tennis on it, and you will be amazed at how natural it feels and how better it is to swing you arm like in real life rather then pressing a button on a controller. Yes this is mainly the only reason you need to play it, simple for the fact that you will be amazed at how natural the controls will feel.

The only thing missing is the force really.
49. World Ends With You

Two things, story and game play are both what make this game utterly spectacular.

Story - You wake up on Shibuya Crossing not knowing how you got there, what you do realise however is that everyone around you cannot see you. Neku is in a place called the Underground, it is a place the dead go, you must play the reapers game, the game runs over a course of seven days there will be a mission every day, one person must do this mission before time runs out, if one person does it then everyone else has also done the mission. Survive for seven days and you get to go back to the realm of the living. Fail and you will be erased - erased is when you are gone for good as there is no such thing as the afterlife in this game. 

Although the reapers cannot attack you directly then can send monsters known as Noise to get you, they are the things that can kill you and if that happens yup, erased. 

You also need to make a pact with someone and work together, fail to do it and you are erased.

Game play - particularly battle when battling you will have pins (those little badge things) each pin will do a different attack such as fire, bullets, purge, throwing objects, create a line of barb wire, make icicles shoot out from the ground and so on. It is these badges that make the game play so amazing as it is so unique and brilliant.

Not to mention the fresh style and graphics.
50. Worms

Worms is a child-like war game, in this game you'll play as a team of worms each player take one shot at a time, with one worm at a time, your goal kill the opponents worms by the weapons at your disposal ranging from, bazooka, grenades, sheep bombs, suicide, shotgun and so on.

Although it may seem really simple that's just it that makes it so enjoyable and a must play for all.

The fun moments when your all alone.

So there you have it my personal 50 games you have to play before you die, what's your 50 and how many in my list have you played?


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