Sunday, 9 December 2012

9 Reasons Why the Wii U Will Most Likely Fail

1 It's usually a generation behind

When the Wii originally came out people couldn't help notice that it was: 

a) released a few years after Sony and Microsoft
b) the graphics and performance wasn't up to the current generations standards 

Now that the Wii U is out they are boasting about how is is slightly better than current generation ... slightly, why would someone buy something that is only a bit better and will be obsolete pretty soon, I mean lets face it the PS4 and Xbox 720 aren't going to be far off and when it does come out it will probably put the Wii U to shame.

2 They have no clue how to prevent minors buying 18's

Okay imagine this, you go on psn, or xbox market, and you wish to buy an 18, simple is it not?, purchase it, it will check to see if your age appropriate then allow the transaction, Nintendo on the other hand have no clue, sure you can prove you're over 18 but it will still deny you, so what do you need to do to buy an 18 online? (even though you clearly are), any ideas?, no?, well then you do purchase it but it will only grant you access between 11pm and 3am, anyone who can't purchase an 18 at those time on Ninendo's shop, well you just can't get it then I'm afraid.

3 The controller isn't impressive as you might think

Sure it does seem pretty cool but let's consider a few things first of all, an Iphone is multi-touch functional whereas this controller only allows single touch (behind again it seems), it has an inwards facing camera to allow you to be put into the game, but most phones now have both camera's outside and inwards, if the controller had an outwards facing camera to track screen position for alignment with the TV screen well that would have been pretty decent.

4 Games are questionable

Nintendo is pretty obvious now for game releases they will always release Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Zelda, not that it's a bad thing but it isn't surprising now is it rather than reacting like "Yes they're making a new Mario game I can't wait", now it's more like "Another Mario not surprised", other games that they are releasing have also been out for other consoles for months to even a year or so ... yeah, doesn't seem that great

5 Core gamers?

The Wii came out with how many games for core gamers?, not alot right, most was for children or non-gamers, it was more of a conversion to gaming console, and I don't know but seeing most of the first day release games I still think they are doing the exact same without realizing it, sure they did say this was also for core gamers now but those release games say otherwise (I'm aware of ZombiU but compare that to how many children like games)

6 Wii U is supposedly better yet misses functions

Okay for something that is more "advance" the PS and Xbox it's still missing basics putting it way back, PS2 could play DVDs and CD's, PS3 came along and added to it by giving BluRay too, The Wii couldn't even do DVD, the Wii U however, Oh wait ... they still haven't incorporated it, sure they may have Nintendo TVii but still come on PS2 had DVD functionality that was 2000, twelve years later and Nintendo still haven't done it.

7 Wii U pad is kinda obsolete

The PSVita has two cameras, multiple touch based (pad and screen), and can also be usable for the PS3, so Sony can do what the Wii U does but with more touch and cameras they'd do it better, sure it may be more expensive but it'd be better

8 How much !!!

You can buy a PS3 160GB for under £200, and a Xbox 360 4GB for about the same, Wii U is under £400 but only  8-32GB this would be okay if the Wii U was alot more technological advanced over it's competitors but it is not much more powerful that the others so the price seems way too high

9 Nintendo is losing it

Remember how crazy people went over the Wii, Ds and that, people went insane for them, what about the 3DS, wasn't that much craze was there, Nintendo suffered, couldn't shift then, and brought down the price by alot all within the first few month of release, why?, because it was merely seen as a gimmick, DS - 3DS, they share the same name, look the same, same games for some (ds had mario kart, 3ds made another one) and play the same, the difference is that one is in 3d, the Wii and Wii U, same name, console looks the same, same games (both will have Wii fit) oh no I feel another gimmick coming along.

Sure others may disagree but this is what I think of when I hear talk (not that much going around) about the Wii U

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Worst Games Ever

Simulator games are pretty awesome, the creativity, the freedom, but one company in-particular -"Excalibur Publishing"- has pushed it and their amazing and highly innovative games will have anyone at the edge of their seats, no joke these are some of the best simulators that everyone would kill to experience and the prices are worth it compared to the vast amount you can do in the game.No but seriously, if you ever found this in somebodies house it's a sign that you should leave, almost instantly.

Airport Firefighter Simulator

£24.99 (who would even pay that)

"Nowhere are the dangers more apparent than in a modern airport where thousands of travellers are in close proximity to highly flammable aviation fuel and hazardous materials. The risks are great and so are the demands on the elite squad of airport firefighters!"

The opening description seems like a dramatic failure at reeling in the audiences attention. How many fires would happen in an airport anyways? It doesn't appear on the news often, does it?, this must be the worst airport in the world. Either that or there is an arsonist near the airport that police haven't been bothered to track down.

Bridge Project, The


"Build a bridge .... and get over it! The Bridge Project is the successor to the original and award-winning bridge Bridge Builder simulation, all amateur designers and structural engineers finally have a new challenge on their PC."

Let me get this straight, this type of game has already won an award?, okay you simple build a bridge, watch people use it, move to another place, build another bridge and so on, simple ... simply boring.

Digger Simulator


"Dig for pay dirt and form your own civil engineering company. You will be starting modestly with small wheel loaders but success is in the soil! As your skills and reputation increase grow your business with the purchase of a huge selection of equipment including the heavy road roller!"

Want to dig a hole?, No?, of course not you have a life, we all do, why spend your time sitting in front of a screen controlling a digger to make a hole when you could be doing something, anything is better (apart from more Excalibur Publishing games).

Garbage Truck Simulator


"In Garbage Truck Simulator 2011 you run a business collecting the rubbish of a large European town. Start with a small garbage truck and grow your business. Dive into the cab of your truck and become the driver and take your colleague quickly but safely to the collection area, of course pay attention to the road traffic regulations! "

Is anybody getting excited to play this from reading that?, if yes then leave, just leave. Why would anybody pay such a staggering price just to do two things, drive to next bin, empty it, rinse and repeat for eternity, I mean come on who in their right mind would find this appealing?

Street Cleaning Simulator

£24.99 (that is a bargain, their practically giving it away)

"Brush off the dirt and make a clean sweep as you embark on a career to become an accomplished street cleaner. Use your highly detailed sweeping machines to roam the city in search of muck. As your experience grows so will the tasks you have to deal with! Get swept up into fighting the flotsam and jetsam of city life with Street Cleaning Simulator! "

Simulators are often designed to be based on one, task, goal, job, etc but a job like street cleaning being a game .. really?, who would buy that?, who would play that?, what entertainment would you get out of it?, So drive around the streets and get cleaning, cause that's all you'll do.

Rather than destroy your very being I will only list a few other "great" games of theirs, I won't really need to describe them as you'll know how pointless they are:

Crane Simulator
Forklift Truck Simulator
Garden Simulator
Oil Platform Simulator
Ports (take creates off a ship and put it into a truck -£29.99- WHAT!!!)
Road Construction Simulator
Tow Truck Simulator
Traffic Management