Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hitman: Absolution - Review

Hitman: Absolution has been out for quite some time now, so what's my view on it?

Originally the Hitman series came from IO Interactive, however this one comes straight from Square Enix -creators of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, World Ends With You-, don't get me wrong I love Square Enix but making a game of this nature I'll admit it I was a bit skeptical at first, but those soon vanished as I began.

Rewarding players with patience and strategic thinking, Hitman is very satisfying as waiting for the perfect opportunity never felt so good when it finally comes up. Rewarding you for experimenting with your surroundings and good old trial and error this game gives you plenty of chances to take out your targets, some involve making it seem like a freak accident, natural death to just plain assassinate them, then hide from assailants, get disguises and so on.

Exploring the vast levels will give you plenty of insights into what method you think would be most appropriate as a befitting death for your target. This game takes alot of time, so if you want fast paced games with quick kills you'd best keep looking. 

Certain aspects have also improved one thing I noticed right away was the fibre wire killing felt much more natural, in Blood Money it was difficult and usual resulted in the person turning round and me being caught, in Absolution that frustration is thankfully gone, it's much easier to do meaning I don't need to keep restarting to get a clean kill, although I prefer to kill only those who need to die.

You no longer chose your weapons for each level, you start the level with the given weapons, if you want others you will have to scout the area for them. 

A cover system is also introduced, in the originals if caught you would have to run left to right, dodging the bullets, now though we can cover, wait for the moment and go for the shot, shooting too has made a change it can now include point shooting where it slows time as you pin point where you want to shoot then carry it out automatically, you don't need to do this however you can manually shoot if you prefer but it's nice to have the option there. The cover system can also work to be stealth like also, stay hidden, wait for a target to pass by then go after them. Instinct mode is added, this will tell you where people are, and where they are going, useful if your in an area where enemies patrol and need to know if one is coming.

That is just a few of the changes but I will not point them all out. 

So what did I think?

Compared to the other Hitman games, this is the best I think, I love the large levels that rewards exploration and concise plans, the various methods of killing are very creative and enjoyable to suss out all of them, for example attaching a live wire to a wire fence is rewarding as a build up of adrenaline surges through you as you sit back and watch your target come ever so closer to their demise, possibility of being caught is another adrenaline fueled experience as sneaking by enemies will have your heart pounding and palms sweating as you pray for them not to turn around and notice you.


+ Immense replay value
+ Huge levels
+ Powerful emotions through playing
+ Can create your own missions
- May get stressful if you are a perfectionist


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