Monday, 14 January 2013

My Mad Fat Diary Review

With much advertisement and hype "My Mad Fat Diary" is here.

We go back to the nineties to follow sixteen year old Rachael (Rae), who having been released from a psychiatric hospital, -due to mental health issues- attempts to fit back into society despite having to deal with an eccentric mother and having self-image issues, now free she sets off into the world and tries to be socially accepted through the use of drinking, sex, music, giving in to peer pressure and other normal teenager rituals.

So what was the opening episode like?

In a nutshell.
It starts with Rae talking with her counseller about her life since she left the institute and then follows what was done in the past few days since, she describes and introduces points with her inner voice that she dares not to voice out into the open but has expressed those thoughts detailed in her diary, it starts rough as her mom is late to pick her up, has gotten an illegal-immigrant boyfriend while she was being medicated, not being able to sleep due to their loud sex, hanging out with her friends and going to their pool party afraid to be wearing a bikini but realizing she is not see as monstrous as she perceives herself to be, it then ends with the aftermath between her and her counseller as he tries to make her see that there is a wide spectrum of what is considered normal by societies standards if you find the right people.

Rae seems like a normal person, in front of her former and new friends the dialogue is very realistic and befitting for Rae as it paints a very vivid picture of her traits, personality and so on, her dialogue is pitched both outspoken and inner monologues to provide a voice over, it is through these voice overs that she provides and when she is alone that we see her as a troubled teenager. One other thing that is usually parallel with the voice overs is that it has moments where the video is paused, and using the voice over child-like images are drawn to illustrate her point more clearly, if you have seen the likes of "Moone Boy" then you will know exactly what I mean.

This show is a good gateway for troubled teenagers who suffer mild mental health issues as it is possible for some viewers to associate themselves with Rae and through the use of serious issues being complemented by humor, this honest drama is very touching and was an enjoyable viewing experience.

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