Thursday, 23 May 2013

Silent Hill Breakdown: Introduction

It goes without saying that Silent Hill 2 has a lot of symbolism, deep meanings, ambiguous scenarios and hidden agenda's often obscured or masked. 

Silent Hill 2 is one of my most beloved games, and I'm starting with a series that will deconstruct it in it's entirety. These series of articles will combine, facts, theories and various interpretations from both my point of view and the developers.

The parts will consist as follow:

Part 1 - Characters
                                     James Sunderland
                                     Mary Shepherd-Sunderland
                                     Angela Orosco
                                     Eddie Dombrowski
                                     Other characters

Part 2 - Monsters
                                     Pyramid Head
                                     Other monsters

Part 3 - Plot
                                      Part 1 - Entering Silent Hill
                                      Part 2 - Apartment Buildings
                                      Part 3 - Hospitals
                                      Part 4 - Historical Society and Labyrinth
                                      Part 5 - Hotels

Part 4 - Locations
                                       Fog versions
                                       Otherworld versions

Part 5 - Miscellaneous
                                        Memos, Symbolic items and random 

Part 6 - Conclusions

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