Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bioshock Infinite Review

No more Rapture. No more big daddies. No more little sisters. Now it's Columbia ...

The similarities?

The first few minutes of Infinite will have the vibe and atmosphere that the first two games provided us with, however within the next hour it breaks away from the old formula and traditions that were present in the first two Bioshock games. This isn't a bad thing though it's a new and exciting experience filled with bold new content and interesting concepts.

Within this game you escort a young woman -Elizabeth-. Now many of you think "escorting" and are instantly reminded of Ashley from Resident Evil 4, you moan, you groan and vow it will be terrible. However. This is different, Elizabeth has no health bar. She can protect herself, plus during battle she will aid you. Throwing first aid kits, ammo the works. This isn't it all, even while just exploring the streets she will point out objects of interest and offer you money for you. So this is nothing like RE4's Ashley. This is Bioshock Infinite.

Speaking of breaking away from old formula's it is not a case of an abandoned city filled with drug addicts (splicers) this is much different some parts of this game will have you in combat with the people of Columbia, then other sections involve you walking the streets with it's civilians with no threat to you. It is the small parts like this that derive it from the original games, as these sections allow you to unwind, cool off and take things slow.

There is powers in this (not Adam) called Vigors, these are new powers that are much more useful and interesting in this. For example you can send a wave towards the enemies, which immobilize them as they float around giving you time to shoot them. I won't ruin it by telling you more, but there is seven more powers and trust me, they're all useful, inventive and highly creative.

The gun system is now different, originally you could hold them all, but would be low on bullets, low on money and money would be capped. However in this there are plenty of guns but you can only hold two at a time. You can swap them but you would have to drop one of them. There are now plenty of bullets which are also very cheap and with no cap on your wallet you can hold more money than you can spend.


+ Fresh new concepts
+ Lots of freedom
+ A escort system that is effective, stress-free and enjoyable+ Amazing story (if you can understand it or look it up online afterwards)
- Story may befuddle some people


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