Monday, 5 November 2012

SNSD Flower Power

The indie days of Gee, Genie, Oh! and the like are long gone, now SNSD have became more mature and with that maturity they have became more fierce, it's been a long five months since their last release "Paparazzi" and now they come along with a new song to tempt us.

The initial thoughts of "Flower Power" was that it was going to be a girly and cutesy song, however that could not be more wrong, their 6th Japanese single is far from down-to-Earth it is a very upbeat dance number taking influences from Japanese Shibuya-Kei (a techno like genre), to those of you who may not like their choice of song you may find that it will eventually grow on you especially the combination of the gang singing "flower" with Sunny vocalizing a "OooooOoooOoooowoo".

The PV for the song yet again has various versions, one "normal" version which has all the usual elements of an SNSD music video, close up shots of individual members and dance scenes that change environments and clothes, from a car park or basement, wearing a bondage style of outfit to a empty airplane scene wearing flight attendant styled clothing, to the dance version of the song which replaces the individual shots of them to dance segments. 

Wether of not you've heard of SNSD/Girls Generation you should give them a chance as you may be surprised to hear what Japanese pop sounds like as the majority of you would probably imagine it being fully composed of anime theme songs, fast songs with high pitched vocals, or traditional Japanese song, give this a listen and realize how wrong you've been. Enjoy.

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