Sunday, 18 November 2012

Little Big Planet Karting Review

Modnation Racers ... of sorry Little Big Planet Karting is the new addition to the LPB franchise but does it live up to it's predecessors ?

First off lets start off with the bad points in this game that you can complete in an afternoon. When playing racing games such as this the races start off with everyone close together with about 0.5 seconds between each player then a bit after players will be widely spread with an average of 5-10 seconds between them, however this game is not the case, throughout the entire race every player will be close to each other constantly leaving the winning position down to luck and less about skill, this is problematic and frustrating, if you're in last place you're okay but if you're anywhere between 7th and 1st you'll get hit quite often, let's say you're in 1st place and you get hit in most games like these you'd go from 1st place to 3rd usually, but in this game because everyone's so close get hit and it's way back to 5th place then usually you'll get hit again right after and go to 8th place which is really irritating, not only that if you're a few places ahead you'll find that you get hit constantly, you won't get hit by one person and that's that, usually it's a case of you get hit, gain control of your vehicle, then you get hit again.

The game has presents in the tracks, these presents are used to make you own levels, if you miss a present and wish to collect it you obviously need to reverse, uh-oh what have they done if you reverse for too long (about two seconds) you'll end up dying and re-spawning a bit ahead, so to reverse without that happening you need to reverse, stop, reverse, stop and keep going which is really terrible.

Some of the weapons can also cause problems for example, there is one that allows you to fast forward yourself, this can sometimes cause problems because you'll fast forward, then it'll stop and let you gain control again but it'll do this sometimes right before a turn making you gain control and crash into the wall, then wasting time reversing and stopping to then race on again.

In the Little Big Planet series each game has a bold theme, the first game is set on different continents, in the second game it's set in different periods of time, in this game however rather than being new themes they borrowed the ideas from the two games and making it slightly less characteristic.

When a new installment of a game comes out it's meant to move forwards but this game seems to have went backwards for some features. The game's aim is creativity in the first game when giving your level music you had to chose from those songs that the game had, however in the second game they made it better by giving players the ability to make their own songs with a variety of instruments, tempo's and so on, now making a race track and giving it your own music would be great and would help to set the mood but oh no wait a minute, for some reason they have removed this feature making it less creative, why did they do that ?

Fancy making your own track ?, well be prepared to look up tutorial videos on Youtube for it because making you own levels to the game's standards is near impossible, the tools are tricky to understand how to use and using them is even harder if you do manage to grasp an expert knowledge of it you may find it fun and enjoyable to create your tracks and try them out.

It's not all bad though the weapons in this game provide three uses, throwing/shooting it in front of you, behind you and to defend you, if someone fires a rocket at you a rocket symbol will appear beneath you, when it turns into a blue shield use the weapon whichever one you have and it will destroy the rocket, this feature is actually pretty neat as it eliminates the bubble like protectors you pick up in games like these.

While I did say that the level themes have been used before it doesn't mean to say it's terrible, it would have been better to go with new themes but these previously used themes are actually still pretty good and very cleverly put together.

It's not all racing too there are battle levels one of which takes place in the sky on two planes, there's also solo races that challenges players to get from point A to B within a certain amount of time, challenges that range from being a dinosaur to destroy cars, get the eggs to the goal, hit as many people as you can within a time limit and so on.

This game should be played if you are a LBP fan despite it's hiccups and flaws it's still a niffty little game so enjoy.


+ Creative level design

+ Bold graphics

+ Great for creative needs

- Can get frustrating

- gone a bit backwards with some level design tools

- Glitchy weapons




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