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They Can't Show That, Can They: My Parents Are Aliens

How can this be for kids, I mean really?
You know how when you re-watching a TV show from your childhood, have you ever been amazed at what you didn't notice? My Parents Are Aliens is one of the best examples, as it had plenty of mature content but back then nobody really complained about TV shows as much as they do now.

Mr Coleman: "Is there some kind of problem?"
Mel: "boys, pregnancy, drugs, eating disorders, shop-lifting, take your pick, i quite like the one about the drugs"

This is just one example of how it's made us wonder how it was approved for children.


In one episode Josh attempts to get together with a new student for her wealth, however this soon turns bad very fast as he realizes that the girl has some sever mental problems, he originally tries to break it off with her but it fails, so he decides to take another approach and attempts to get her to break it off with him, he gets Sophie to morph into someone he'd want to spend time with, however being an alien she is not fully aware of the concept of gender and sexuality and morphs into his best friend Pete, and tells the girls that he is Josh's and he is "my everything", the next day at school the girl outs Josh to everyone for being gay while a curious Pete -the real one- asks a bewildered Josh "does this mean you're my boyfriend now?"

This isn't the only example of homosexuality, Brain the other alien is off the scale, there has been countless scenes of him chatting up Josh's friends, to even kissing Pete in one scene.

Unfit Parenting

In another episode Josh ends up in an alternate reality where everything is the opposite but a bad opposite, in this version Sophie (who in the normal version tries her best to be a good mother) laze's around, drinks, doesn't care about the well being of them or barely pay any attention to their existence, and doesn't care about their feelings

Sophie: "That's. what. it. says, you noodle-brain simpleton"
Josh: "What?"
Sophie mimicking Josh: "Whhaaaat"
Josh: "no, it's just not something you'd expect from someone who want's to be a good mother"
Sophie: "Oh really, well up yours an all you stuck up self righteous little brat"

I think the dialogue speaks for itself, for a kids TV show that's pretty dark, in another episode Brain becomes a clothes designer and replaces all the children's clothes with obscene outfits such as clothes being made from beaded curtains which Josh uses as a chat-up-line, which is an sexual innuendo:

Tanya: "Josh you're wearing curtains"
Josh: "Feel free to pull me at any time"

Shortly after they express their discomfort and tell him that sometimes less is more, however this makes him go to the extreme and removes everybody's clothes leaving them all naked and resorting to wearing bin-bags.

Gender Confusion

Several episodes feature Brian dealing with an inner conflict of his gender, for example episodes have featured Brian wearing a skirt and saying how it feels right, wearing make up, to even deciding to become in touch with his feminine side by growing breasts and take over as the mother in the house hold while Sophie takes over being the man, but back to Brian when they all learn about breasts and how it can produce milk Brian stated that he already looked it up "I already knew that, looked it up this morning.Where do you think I got the milk for our breakfasts?"


This show makes plenty use for breasts like mentioned above by a man growing breasts and feeding the milk to his children, but other than that the word boobs appears quite often, however in one episode Sophie becomes influenced by celebrities saying how they have big breasts, and big ... other bits, taking part in the celebrity culture Sophie changes her breast size way out of proportion saying how her bra was made by the space shuttle crafts parachutes , this episode is also slightly perverted as pretty much every male character can't stop staring at her overly sized breasts as she uses them to influence other people and make them do what she tells them to do.

It ain't over

From locking animals in small cages and giving them alcohol to drink, beating up characters at a family event, locking children in a room and forcing them to work, blackmail others, observing drunk people, listening to a teacher peeing over the phone while saying "good morning Mr Darcy", the list is quite endless for the content that was in this show that surprisingly sneaked past the people in charge of parental rating, it just shows you how much has changed nowadays everybody complains about what's shown on TV.

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