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Video Games Ten Hottest Gals

In this list is the most attractive video game characters to ever be created -so far- (well in my eyes anyway). Wither you are a straight male, lesbian, or are very open and comfortable with your sexuality, I'm pretty sure one or two people on this you'll also agree on. Finding attractive females can be quite difficult. For one thing a lot are overly sexualised, and unrealistic, like my previous post regarding male, I want to find genuine woman who are realistic in their own sense.

*Note:- This list is done alphabetically in order of first name, not in order of attractiveness.

Ada Wong

Appearing in several Resident Evil games Ada is one of the most attractive woman in it, unlike most females perceived in video games, she hasn't got ridiculous sized breasts, acts seductive, or any of the old and stale tactics used to get men to play it (developers, woman play games too, furthermore, don't insult them by showing male gamers what woman should look and act like). Her personality is much more realistic and more believable. Ada was one of the first few female characters I came across that really stood out, both for being attractive (for being much more natural) and realistic.

Elizabeth Comstock

A recent female addition from the latest Bioshock game. Elizabeth, is not a 2D character, she is much more realistic the older females in games. 

She has morals, issues, dreams and ambitions. She is smart, friendly and does NOT need protecting. Her elegant hair style and bright blue eyes draw focus and show us how realistic and beautiful developers can make woman be out to be.


Farah is a young woman who can come across as a trickster, manipulator and other bad characteristics associated with most humans. However with these traits she comes across as ruthless, ambitious and willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, for some her sense of empowering will be what makes her sexy. While others will find her sexy for her determination. 

Jill Valentine

Jill (the Resident Evil 3 version, not 5), is much more appealing, she was one of the first few woman in the video game industry to be seen realistically as a non-sexual woman. Her breasts -while there, but not overly sized- showed that the gaming industry was finally starting to realize how insecure it made woman feel. 

Jill doesn't brim with personality within the first few games, but her looks are to die for. The new approach to what woman should be like is what makes her so attractive. For being Jill.

Heather Mason

Silent Hill's second most sexiest character (first being Henry Townshend, my biggest fictional crush), Heather Mason. An ordinary teenager, normal boundaries, morals, reactions, etiquette and emotions. Heather's fashion sense for her (and for anyone) can help find someone more attractive. Her slightly unkempt hair is rebellious for going against what is "normal/acceptable", it's admirable and is for me, and others I'm sure it's appealing.

Lara Croft

Finally a Lara that hasn't had too much attention to her bosoms. Lara now looks ever sexier in HD, her strong completion and beautiful hair has done her wonders. This new Lara is very appealing not for being sexualised but for being realistic, believable and for being within normal boundaries for the average looking females. Nothing wrong with average looking by the way. You're still very very attractive.  


Females with abnormal coloured hair can be a risky business, some find it horrible, others find it attractive. Wither or not you're one or the other you can still find video game characters attractive no matter how abnormal the hair colour. Lightning is one of them, her pinkish hair intensifies her appeal, her petite face and slender jaw gives her the edge over many females in video game history.

Mayu & Mio Amakura

First off they're twins so I count them as one in a way down to the fact they look very similar. Mayu and Mio  both represent two different and distinct human emotions, the need to protect and the need to be isolated (in a sense). Gone are the big breasts that feature in way too many games, these teenagers are much more realistic, subtle and attractive. They're delicate dresses are much more appealing than the skimpy outfits that leave nothing to the imagination that is widely used for female game characters, and with lack of makeup these girls sure do go natural (sometimes less is more - in regards to makeup, not clothes).

Tifa  Lockhart

Tifa is a fighter, she isn't a pushover, she is genuine and real, that's what makes her personality attractive. As for looks ... look at her intriguing get up, beautiful well kept hair. Natural beauty. There isn't a lot to say about her looks, as the image above talks for itself.


Yuna isn't you're typical woman in games, she doesn't need "saved" by a stronger man, she is strong, she isn't afraid to suffer for those she care about, she isn't afraid to speak out of terms, she isn't afraid to die. Yuna is strong willed and that is very attractive for a lot of men. Her graceful movements and beautiful attention gives this woman a real impact for the men.

If you've played FFX and you didn't find Yuna attractive well go get your head checked.

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