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Video Games Ten Hottest Guys

In this list is the most attractive video game characters to ever be created -so far- (well in my eyes anyway). Wither you are a straight female, gay male, or are very open and comfortable with your sexuality, I'm pretty sure one or two people on this you'll also agree on.

*Note:- This list is done alphabetically in order of first name, not in order of attractiveness.

David King

Straight form Resident Evil Outbreak, David is an exceptionally handsome man, to me when I think of plumber I use to instantly think of Mario. Now I tend to think of this man. Hair is a big part of finding people attractive to me, someone getting a haircut can completely change how attractive I find them (I'm not even joking), and his hair just does it for me, accompanied with his face shape and jaw line, well ... you've got one attractive guy.

Henry Townshend

I'll admit it. Henry Townshend (Silent Hill 4: The Room) -to me- is the sexiest video game character ever to be created. If this man was real I would stalk the hell out of him. Now the whole emo sort of look doesn't do anything for me but a hint of it is present in his appearance and for some reason ... that works, join that with his stubble, now wow. This obsession is most likely intensified by the similarities in personality, both of us are hermits, awkward and shy.

His kindness and thoughtfulness while taking others into consideration is enough to make anyone feel queasy and wish he would be a real character. Although with looks like that he'd have been taken almost instantly. 


Here's one straight from my (and maybe your's) childhood, Ken from Street Fighter series. I'll admit I don't know much about him, except he's American, and I always imagine that he's Ryu's enemy, but it's the mystery about him that interests me and has stopped me from investigating his back story.

Blonde hair -on a man- is very sex, but they need to have the face for it I guess, not wanting it to be out of place now do I. With that and him coming across as a bit smug, does something for quite a lot of people. His strong completion, and general get up, Ken is quite a hot man. Indeed.

Kevin Ryman

When it comes to Resident Evil, most likely everyone will be for Chris or Leon, I am neither, I found Leon's appearance (in Resident Evil 4) to be slightly off putting due to the hint of femininity in his looks. As for Chris I did have a phase for him -he was the polar opposite of Leon (look wise)- but that past and Kevin still remained.

Kevin is an all round good looker, who people admire not as a phase or because he goes against the flow, but will love him for a long, long time. Those of you who have played the Outbreak games will be well aware of his existence (while the latter of gamers will be unaware) and will adore his good looks and almost charming personality -on some people-.

Kevin, to me, you are right behind Henry Townshend.


When I first got Soul Calibur, I always went Kilik (cause he is so attractive), now I play him as I like the style of his fighting (until the new one changed it, and had to opt for a new character), but that thought still stays there. Before I knew what my sexuality was determined as I knew there was something about Kilik that I just liked. He comes across as a sweet and caring person, with strong morals and highly determined. With a desire to be protective to those he care about.

His personality was one thing that worked for me just like his looks did too, his long brunette hair coupled with his strong bold eyes really did one on me in my childhood.

Kyle Hyde

I'm quite shallow when it comes to Mr Hyde, he's arrogant, cocky and sly, personality traits that I dislike. What makes up for it is his looks; while it's mainly black and white with very few colour images of him. He's a character that requires no colour in order to come across as sexy, and its only heightened by his stubble. Can't say much more about him, I did say it was shallow.

Nathan Drake

Okay he appears on way too many lists (there could never be too many, actually) but it still stands to reason. Naughty Dog sure knows how to create a character bursting with sex appeal, his chiseled good looks accompanied with his quirky and almost clumsy attitude give him an edge and separate him from the rest of the list really.

I'll admit he does sometimes come across as arrogant and almost self-centered and although while they traits are undesirable I still forgive him due to those looks of him.

Drake, Naughty Dog may stop making games about you, but you'll still have loads of girls and gay men desiring you.


Another shallow one here.

He's moody and he's broody, he's awkward and easily angered. All bad things that put me off, the hair and face however save it for him. Unlike Henry his is a little more emo like -still not enough to put me off all together- but still subtle enough for me to think of him as an attractive looking guy. Now if his personality was more appealing, he would be bumped up on my list.


Ken's counterpart -or maybe he isn't, I don't know, I haven't looked up his back story- is just as hot, like Ken I know next to nothing about him, and some of it is just speculations. He's Japanese, Ken's rival (how wrong am I?). 

Everyone has a thing for something -we all do, don't we?-, be it the stereotypical fireman, policeman ect, ect.  However karate and other fighting experts is something that's rare and it does intrigue me, now I'm not saying I'd have a thing for a hot guy in karate getup, it'd be the guy not the getup I'm attracted to, but to see him in one would pull focus that's my point. It's due to the focus that Ryu pulls not to mention his incredibly good looks that helps put him on this list.

Snow Villiers

Hero this. Hero that. Hero. Hero. Hero. Arugh it's so annoying. Snow is one of them, you hate the person, you like their looks, you're angered for allowing yourself to be attracted to such a person. Snow is the fictional persona of that fitting description. 

I don't like him, but those looks, that hair, that stubble, it works. This is the last (and last guy in the list) guy to be one here due to sheer shallowness, judging only by his looks I'd say Snow is pretty attractive, ignore his personality for just a minute, take a look at him. Do you now find him attractive?

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